February 18, 2011

Indus Hospital - Free of Cost for Poor and Needy

Keeping the lack of sufficient medical resources for the public of Pakistan in mind, a group of God fearing local and expatriate doctors and business men came forth and decided to lay down the foundation of a free of cost hospital for the poor and needy.

The Indus Hospital came as a joint venture of the Ruffaydah Foundation and the Islamic Mission Hospital Trust in 2005. Extensive renovations of a previously constructed hospital building and a school of nursing, donated by the Islamic Mission Hospital Trust to the Indus Hospital Project, were carried out from 2005 to 2007 to give us the now state of the art hospital building that we can see today.

The hospital started its operations in July 2007 and hasn’t stopped for a day since then.

A team of local and expat doctors along with highly trained staff, provide free of cost medical care to the poor and needy of not only Karachi but patients coming from far and wide. The tertiary care facilities at the Hospital are complemented by community outreach programs focused on prevention and early detection of disease, encouraging community involvement and ownership.

The infrastructure of the hospital comprises of a 5 story hospital building that houses 150 beds, 3 operation theatres, an ICU, CCU, Cath Lab, x-ray lab, blood bank, biochemistry lab, hematology lab, microbiology lab, a male's ward, a female's ward, a pediatrics’ ward, Emergency Ward, Filter Clinic and 6 OPD Clinics.

The hospital plan has so far completed its first phase of development and has at least 4 more stages planned ahead.

Facts and Figures
Every month at the Indus Hospital, more than:

10,000 patients seen in clinics
17,000 investigations
700 inpatient admissions
500 dialysis sessions
100 patients undergo cardiac surgery/angiography/angioplasty
500 surgeries

A high standard of care is delivered day after day, patient after patient – all of it completely free

Board of Directors
Hafiz Ferozuddin Chairman/ Director
Dr. Abdul Bari KhanCEO/ Director
Mr. Ahmed Tabba Director
Mr. A.K Paracha Director
Mr. Khalid Khanani Khalid Director
Mr. Adnan Asdar Ali Director
Mr. Masood NawabDirector
Mr. Naveed Anwar Director
Prof.Muhammad Abdullah Director


  1. whats it's location?

  2. The Indus Hospital


    Facsimile: +92-21-5112718

    Email: info@indushospital.org.pk

    The Indus Hospital, Korangi Crossing, Karachi – 75190, Pakistan.

    More Info:

  3. does the hospital have a urology department?


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