May 19, 2011

"Addiction Of Bribe" Took Lives Of 5 Chechens In Quetta

People in the provincial capital have refused to believe the official claims that five killed Chechens were suicide bombers or terrorists.

They said that they were unarmed civilians who voluntarily approached the checkpost and offered themselves for questioning and verification so that they could cross the checkpost. “It is wrong that the police or any other security agency had recovered suicide vests, weapons or explosive substances from their possession,” they said. One local resident termed it a cock and bull story, saying security forces killed them in cold blood.

Very interestingly, the victims of firefighting were inside the FC checkpost while soldiers were out in the open and the FC personnel were shown in a TV footage shooting the Chechens inside their own checkpost with no explosion, no blast.

One of the young girls was alive and she was shown waving her hand presumably asking the security men not to fire at them. The people referred to the valid passport and travel documents the deceased possessed to travel to Iran via Taftan border, the only land route link with Iran. Doctors who performed the post mortem examination of the dead bodies told newsmen that there were no signs or indications that the deceased had hurled a hand grenade.

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